Background Information

The purpose page documents the purposes for the existence of The Evolution Group. In brief, the purpose is to provide both resources and programs free of charge to the Internet community.

The Staff page provides a listing and brief description of the individuals currently affiliated with The Evolution Group. This information is updated periodically, but isn't necessarily up to date with all of the latest additions to the Group or changes in Group members' biographies.


Eyesore is the definitive hypertextual discography documenting all of the artists affiliated with the 4ad record label both in the UK and in the United States. This database was created by Lars Ingebrigtsen and is available on a number of different sites including this one.

Discount Airfares
The Discount Airfares page provides links to Internet specials offered by major airlines on the web or through electronic mailing lists.

Eyesore Radio
Eyesore Radio is a weekly fifteen minute radio "broadcast" available in .au format from this server. It is put together by Lars Ingebrigtsen and is made available to give people a sample of some of the music on the 4ad record label.

4ad Mailing List Archive
This is an experimental archive of the mailing list traffic for the 4ad-l mailing list. It basically acts as a gateway to allow users of the Web to read the mailing list without actually subscribing. All incoming mailing list mail is stored in a digest-style format for each day; the files are updated approximately once an hour. For more information about the 4ad Mailing List, including information on subscribing to the mailing list, please see the 4ad-l FAQ.

FTP Server
The Evolution Group has an anonymous FTP server containing radio programs from Eyesore Radio and a fairly complete set of scanned images from 4ad records and promotional material. It will soon be expanded to include software releases made by the group as well as any other relevant information for the Internet community.

Musical Links

This is the official home page for the 4ad record label. It is very graphically intensive, but has quite a bit of useful information. Our database and resources are not created by 4ad.

Dewdrops originally started as a fanzine for the Cocteau Twins, but has gradually expanded into a fanzine for uncommonly good music in general. They have also started a record label, releasing, among other things, Thurtene, a CD full of 4ad covers.

Index of Musical Web Connections
This page contains references to nearly all of the musical Web sites currently existing on the Internet. It was created by Michael Hauben and contains not one, but two references to this server.

Cocteau Twins
Dead Can Dance, last updated by erikas 27 April 1999